Summer Memories Don't Have To Fade

Summer Memories Don't Have To Fade

Create new memories that resonate with consumers...


Long, hot, lazy days, poolside afternoons with friends, road trips, and a more carefree spirit are some of the memories we hold most dear when it comes to summer. And of course, seasonal foods and beverages play a role too. Research completed in the journal Appetite found that comfort foods are deeply intertwined with memories and relationships. This reinforces food's ability to evoke a sense of belonging – triggering joyful emotions that remind us of different periods throughout our lives. And the foods associated with them help us hold these memories close, bringing us back to a special place and time.

The foods linked to these memories are often energy-dense, high-fat, and sweet. Yet, they provide pleasure and can help us feel better, so we often ignore the calories for this temporary feeling of comfort and joy. According to Psychology Today the fat, sugar, or salt activates the brain's reward system. At AGRANA Fruit, we believe that no food provides a better sense of comfort and connection than ice cream.


We are passionate about creating decadent flavor combinations and textures that excite ice cream lovers of all ages to enjoy and feel good about. Ice cream enhances experiences by adding a sensory layer to our memories; it adds the perfect finishing touch after a good meal; it's closely tied with fun, laughter, and gathering with friends and family.

To help create these memorable experiences, AGRANA Fruit relies on an expert group of scientists, market researchers, and innovators when crafting ice cream combinations for various consumer groups. This multi-faceted approach ensures that our ice cream concepts thoughtfully incorporate the best tasting and highest quality ingredients. By focusing on consumer needs and identifying flavor and ingredient trends, we can continually provide solutions for our customers.


As the calendar changes and we move into a new season, we want to keep the memories of summer close. Our new Summer Memories collection does just that. This collection offers ice cream flavors reminiscent of the Farmers Market, Chill-in’ with Friends, and our favorite Summer Desserts. The portfolio includes:

  • Strawberry Basil Shortcake
  • Blueberry Lavender Crumble
  • Raspberry Chocolate Stout
  • “Aperol” Spritz
  • Apple Berry Hand Pie
  • Hazelnut-Pistachio Nut Butter

Our ice cream product development team has developed a Summer Memories concept tasting kit, please reach out to your account manager or use the link below to schedule a tasting. 

Co-collaboration is extremely important to delivering a unique, memorable ice cream experience to consumers. Through a combination of customer input, market research, prototyping, internal tasting and testing, and quality assurance, AGRANA Fruit can work with ice cream manufacturers to create enticing and unexpected flavors that consumers love. By seamlessly working behind the scenes to consider the sensory experience that inclusions, fruit, brown flavor sauces, and syrups bring to ice cream, our experts can continually innovate with multisensory offerings.



Please reach out to learn more about our Summer Memories collection as well as our diverse portfolio of solutions supporting the ice cream category. We’re looking forward to partnering with you on delivering more snackable moments consumers can feel good about. 


For more updates please click here and follow us on LinkedIN!

For more updates please click here and follow us on LinkedIN!