Fruit so­lu­tions for the
food & bev­er­age in­dus­try

At AGRANA Fruit we work with natures finest fruit from fields around the globe, as well as other agricultural raw materials in order to develop the highest quality products for customers. AGRANA's Fruit segment is organizationally divided into two divisions: the fruit preparations business in form of AGRANA Fruit and the fruit juice concentrates business in form of AUSTRIA JUICE.


AGRANA Fruit and Aus­tria Juice

AGRANA's Fruit segment is organizationally divided into two divisions: the fruit preparations business in form of AGRANA Fruit and the fruit juice concentrates business in form of AUSTRIA JUICE.




This makes us the right part­ner for you

Both the Fruit and Juice businesses are united under the AGRANA Fruit umbrella by their passion for refining agricultural raw materials to high quality products for local producers as well as multinational companies in the food and beverage industry.

Global pres­ence

40 production sites (26 Fruit and 14 Juice) on all continents and sales activities in more than 80 countries


Broad product portfolio including certified organic products and products for specific consumer groups




 Developing customized solutions with a worldwide network of R&D specialists in close cooperation with our customers - always adapted to local needs


Raw ma­te­r­ial sup­ply

Highly-skilled team of raw material experts, long-term relationships with contract farmers and company-owned fields


Highest standards for fruit selection and processing to guarantee  unsurpassed food safety standards and premium quality


Sustainability is more than just a buzzword for us - it is an integral component of our corporate culture



Partnering up with our customers to help them grow their business and constantly bringing innovative products to the market with them


State-of-the-art technology in our production to process raw materials by means of sensitive production processes

about agrana fruit

What unites us at AGRANA Fruit is the love for fruit, which is also the basis for our vision, mission and USP.

Our vi­sion

"We are the undisputed global leader in bringing inspiring fruit solutions to the world."

Our mis­sion

"AGRANA Fruit globally provides innovative fruit solutions to the food and beverage markets. Our focus is profitability, sustainability, efficiency and quality."

What we stand for

At AGRANA Fruit we truly care about fruits from the moment they are cultivated until they are mixed with the final products. This is what makes us different.


Accordingly, our core values are:

Global Sourcing for You

We Love Sourcing - Global Sourcing for you:

Through long-term relationships with our dedicated contract farmers, we have established a formidable competitive advantage within the core areas of our business including:


Sourcing is considered an art at AGRANA Fruit. We offer a highly-skilled team of experts who travel the globe in search of the most heavily sought after fruits.

Our standardized worldwide network of cultivation, growing, harvesting and first transformation gives AGRANA Fruit the distinct pleasure of delivering the highest quality fruit preparations to our customers.

customized r&d for you

We love our customers - customized R&D for you:

To inspire and continusously delight our customers is a top priority at AGRANA Fruit. Globally we launch around 850 new and innovative products across several markets including dairy, ice cream, bakery, beverage and food service industries every year. We are enthusiastic about partnering with our customers to help support and grow their business.

Our leadership position in the global market as fruit preparation producer gives us a well-defiined view of local markets providing insight related to our customers and the consumer.

Our worldwide network of R&D specialists champion each customer request, delivering fast and efficient solutions that align best with the demands of local markets.

Our global research institute, the AGRANA Research and Innovation Center (ARIC) is located in Austria. In order to provide the most innovative solutions to our customers, multinational experts work on the latest technologies, as well as upgrades to our current production procedures. Furthermore, they are connected to our network of international R&D specialists around the globe, who focus on market proximity and local customer needs.

premium quality for you

We love excellence - premium quality for you:

AGRANA Fruit has established the highest standards for fruit selection and processing, guaranteeing our customers unsurpassed food safety standards and premium quality. Food safety is a strategic priority throughout the organization, compromising our standards is not an option.

A zero defect policy has been established based on agreed specifications with our customers in all aspects of our business. Due to our robust monitoring our consumer complaints are less than 1 in 13 million final products.

The AGRANA Fruit Quality Management team consists of more than 200 highly qualified employees worldwide, who are responsible for verifying the quality and food safety of raw materials and finished goods.

We have instituted the e-PACT (management by Example, Prevention, Auditing, Continuous Improvement, Training and People) focusong on managing our main risks: foreign objects, microbiology, chemicals and allergens.

Our quality management programs offer full traceability of raw material and final products, which includes 100% of supplier documentation from audit to supply. Final products are audited both internally by our quality and management teams and externally through customer and third party auditors. We utilize these audit results do define continuous improvement opportunities. We are proud that our quality management programs always achieve top evaluations from our customers.

Agrana Fruit Certifications & Memberships:

  • ISO9001
  • ISO22000
  • Organic
  • IFS
  • BRC
  • LEED

Different certifications depending on the production site.

global presence for you

We love the world - global presence for you:

AGRANA Fruit ist der einzige weltweit tätige Anbieter von Fruchtzubereitungen mit 28 Produktionsstandorten auf allen Kontinenten. Wir beschäftigen über 5.600 Mitarbeiter, die dank einer umfassenden Wissensbasis auf die Bedürfnisse sowohl lokaler als auch global vertretender Kunden eingehen können.

Die Nähe von AGRANA Fruit zu unseren Kunden befähigt uns, umgehend zu reagieren, während die Flexibilität unseres Netzwerks das denkbar höchste Dienstleistungsniveau ermöglicht. Unsere Mitarbeiter sind durch ein globales Netzwerk miteinander verbunden, das auf Marktnähe, die Bedürfnisse der Kunden vor Ort und ihre lokalen Geschmacksvorlieben ausgerichtet ist.


For details on AGRANA Fruit and our product portfolio you can also download our brochure: